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Our History

Submitted By Our Founders: Reverend Fear & Mrs. Fear 

Windsor Christian Academy was established in 1979, while I was the lead Pastor of Windsor Baptist Temple here in Windsor, ON. Our student body included programs for day-care aged children to Grade 12 students.

During that time many of my pastor friends and others across Ontario had heard of our school and were interested in launching their own campus school like ours. My wife Carol and I were invited to go to several different churches by invitation to present the Accelerated Christian Education Program and offer assistance to them. If the church didn't decide to launch a school after the presentations, parents would call and ask us if they could accomplish their education goals with their children from home with our help of providing assistance to homeschool. We established "Canadian Christian Academy" in the year of 1990 solely providing homeschool assistance with 35 students our first school year. 

It grew to over 400 students in a period of years with students around the world and over 500 highschool graduates. Our graduated students have gone on to be Pastors, Missionaries, Christian School Principals, and many other Christian workers.

In 2010 our daughter Elizabeth Rock had children who were school aged and she wanted a Campus Christian School for her children to attend. She asked Carol and I to establish Canadian Christian Academy Campus School. We felt at our age we weren't up to launching this unless she became our School Principal. Elizabeth had been working in the homeschool programs from the age of 14 and on so she was very capable to principal our campus school using this program. 

Some years ago the Ontario Ministry of Education eliminated Grade 13. We looked at the new academic requirements and standards and found out that our curriculum would not completely meet the new expectations. We began researching all the other Christian publishers to find materials that would meet these new academic requirements and found a variety of supplemental curriculum choices to meet those standards and even some exceeded the standards. The curriculum that we use here at Canadian Christian academy is theistic and self-instructional which leads itself to Christian independent learning. 

We then added these new programs and curriculum choices to our scope and sequence for the high school students for the campus school and our homeschool extension program. 

Canadian Christian Academy has been registered as a private school in Ontario for many years and is 

also registered with the Ontario College application centre. 

Canadian Christian Academy graduates have been accepted in most of the major 

Universities and Colleges across Canada and the US. 

A walk down memory lane...​

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