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My children have been part of the CCA family for 6 years. The curriculum that is offered is second to none. The staff is dedicated to making sure each child succeeds to the best of their ability. The teacher to child ratios are phenomenal and it shows by the success of the children. I am thankful for the kindness and devotion to both of my boys. My eldest son graduated a year and a half early from CCA high-school and my younger son is headed that way as well. Their futures are full of unlimited possibilities because of Canadian Christian Academy.

Nicole Garvin: CCA Parent Since 2015

We have been part of CCA for many years having graduated 5 kids through their high-school program, with one more in high-school and another coming behind. Elizabeth (The Principal of CCA) is easy to work with and I’m so thankful that we can have the help and support of teaching our kids at home!

Cindy Woods: CCA Parent

CCA has been a part of my homeschool education since day one! Starting out in JK. We began homeschooling with the ACE curriculum provided to us by CCA and with the supportive, guiding hand of Mrs. Rock I was homeschooled my entire schooling career. Throughout my years of homeschooling, my relationship with the Lord grew immensley and because of the positive reinforcements in my studies I was able to have a very close relationship with our Saviour. I graduated in Summer of 2015 and was blessed with the opportunity to become a Children's Pastor the following summer of 2016. Pastored for 5.5 years and now I served on staff at CCA on campus for 5+ years until God lead us to close the campus school in 2023. So thankful for my connections to CCA! 

Kerrington Maedel: CCA Homeschool Graduating Class of 2015

I was enrolled at CCA since grade 6. The curriculum is geared towards individual learning which allowed me to move at a comfortable pace. It allowed me to graduate from high school early and start college ahead of time. I am further ahead then others my age because I was taught curriculum that is no longer offered in mainstream schooling which I believe is fundamental in society. They are very accommodating to the needs of students. I required a Service Dog, Vincent, to mitigate my disability. They understood my needs and made sure I had the tools to be successful. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to attend CCA.

Cameron Cadarette: CCA Campus Graduating Class of 2020

We recently enrolled our daughters 10 and 12, with CCA. We felt like we had no true measure of where they were at curriculum and understanding wise after the tumultuous pandemic effect on their education. They have always been good students, but even if they were doing okay, that is not the standard that we want for something as critical as education. We want to see them thriving and exceeding their own expectations, and even more importantly, gaining confidence in their strengths and abilities. This format allows them to approach each individual subject with their natural capabilities. Some subjects they move through more quickly than others, but most importantly, they do not move on until they have the needed understanding, unlike in a traditional classroom setting where the next lesson gets taught whether everyone understands at the same level. The change in the girls is immense. They look forward to school every day. They are proud to tell us not only what they learned that day, but also the challenges that they found they could resolve on their own. Education wise, I recommend this curriculum and format as it has been a great fit for my children. When it comes to the social aspect, as a parent, how could I not be grateful that my children feel loved, supported and appreciated? This will forever be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Beth Charron: CCA Parent Since 2022

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