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Frequently Asked Campus Questions

How does my child transfer out of the public system? 

Students who transfer out of the public school or another private school can have their Ontario school record transferred to Canadian Christian Academy. A consent form with CCA will need to be signed after resignation of the previous school. This form gives us access to request the records. At the time of resignation, a parent can inform the previous school that their student will now be attending Canadian Christian Academy and they will be notified shortly for the request of records. 

Does CCA offer the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)?

CCA is a non-inspected private school registered with the ministry of education in Ontario. The diploma we offer is considered an equivalent to the OSSD. Canadian Christian Academy has graduated hundreds of students that have been successful in entering into a variety of post-secondary programs and have been accepted in most of the major Universities and Colleges across Canada and the US. 

Does CCA follow a regular school schedule?

Yes, we do have the same breaks as other schools for Christmas break & March Break, etc.

Can I register my child for CCA homeschool anytime during the school year?

Yes! You can register anytime throughout the school year providing that we still have space available. Simply submit an enrollment application on our "enrollment" page to get started.

Does CCA homeschool have report cards? 

Yes! We have report cards. Completed/graded final tests are submitted for review and evaluation by our staff. The test results are recorded and a report is produced and sent out every quarter (ten weeks) to parent/guardians.

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