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Our Proce​ss

When a student enrolls in Canadian Christian Academy, diagnostic testing is required to determine the academic level of the student. A full year curriculum is then prescribed outlining the curriculum the student is to complete. Curriculum is then ordered through Acorn Academic & Office Supply Co. and the student can begin working at their own pace. A new outline of curriculum is provided each year for the parent to guide parents in ordering the necessary curriculum for the school year.

Completed final tests are submitted for review and evaluation by our staff. The test results are recorded and a report is produced and sent every quarter (ten weeks). Not only is the record keeping for the parent minimized, but a complete detailed curriculum guideline is available for every student at all grade levels.

Canadian Christian Academy retrieves, maintains, and transfers a student's Ontario Student Record. Each quarter, a Progress Report is produced for every student and filed in the student's O.S.R. Students who are in high school have a student transcript that is updated and maintained in their O.S.R. If a student chooses to leave Canadian Christian Academy and enrol in another institution, the O.S.R. can be transferred.

The curriculum recommended by Canadian Christian Academy has a high academic standard. There are a variety of curriculum options available for varies learning styles. The core curriculum is Self-Instructional and Mastery-based with Biblical character development traits and values interwoven throughout.


Curriculum Overview


Canadian Christian Academy provides individualistic and nurturing learning environments. We strongly believe that not every curriculum/book will work for every child. Here at CCA we pride ourselves in individualizing the students work to best fit the needs of each student. We use a wide variety of excellent curriculum and resources to help students succeed academically! 


Individualized Training

Each student works on their own time and in their own study area with books, computer studies, and guidance from a trained instructor. Your student can progress at his/her own pace. A high-achiever is never held back and a student who requires assistance will never be left behind.

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